GS Roads™ EW Launched
Genesis Softcons has launched a lite version of GS Roads™ for calculating Earthwork Quantity, L Sections and Cross Sections

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GS Roads™ approved by NRRDA.
GS Roads™ a software for preparing DPR's under PMGSY has been approved by NRRDA.

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About Us - A Corporate Overview

Genesis Softcons (India) Private Limited introduces itself as an emerging enterprise specializing in Onsite and Offshore Software Consultation, Development, Web Solutions, E-Commerce, Promotion and Implementation of IVR (Interactive Voice Response), UMS (Unified Messaging System).

Genesis Softcons (India) Private Limited, a Software Development Company established in the year 2000 is incorporated as a Private Limited Company with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra (Mumbai) under the Companies Act 1952.


Genesis Softcons (India) Private Limited is dedicated to offer reliable services to our Indigenous and international clientele by providing IT Solutions that are versatile and in tune with global business trends.


Genesis Softcons (India) Private Limited sees its own prosperity in working with its clients as partners to enable them gain a decisive edge in business.

A sharp focus on quality & innovation and value addition enables the Client to harness emerging technologies to enhance performance and speed-up market response. Our flexible designs allow rapid adaptability and seamless migration to technologies of the future.


In Order to understand and then meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our valued clients Genesis Softcons (India) Private Limited bases its service on the principles of:

  • Total Customer satisfaction
  • Growth
  • Excellence


Genesis Softcons (India) Private Limited is ahead in the IT arena with a highly qualified techno-savvy cadre. The team is having academic backgrounds in science and engineering & management, with a combined Software Consultation & Development experience of more than 7 years in professions as varied as Human Resource Development, Civil & Structural Design, Time Share Management, Analytical Instrumentation Design, Finance & Advertising etc.

We attract and retain exceptional Talent by providing a rewarding work environment that encourages team effort and creativity. Each individual is constantly exposed to the latest software technologies to upgrade, excel and deliver.


An Intranet is an internal Internet accessible to and specifically for your company. An Intranet is actually the deployment of applications within the enterprise using technology and software based on Internet protocols such as HTTP (Web servers), NNTP (News servers) and SMTP (Mail). The Web browser is the common client for all these applications making it very easy for end-users to utilize the applications for information retrieval or posting.


We adopt SSAD approach for Project Development Cycle having following steps

  • Analysis of requirements
  • High Level Design
  • Stipulation of Performance
  • Quality Levels
  • Costing Proposals


When change is required, its impact on total project effort, cost, and timeframe is determined. The change is incorporated or deferred depending on its impact on cost and performance. The entire change operation is rapid.


Standards, templates and checklists for new projects are updated with feedback from completed projects. Project revisions are made after in-depth consultation with external domain experts


Performance specifications, high level design, final implementation and acceptance are done under User supervision. The low-level design, coding and testing are done at our end simultaneous to the Feedback gained from end-user. These User reviews are diligently incorporated into future system deliverables. This concept leverages on the offshore development model and a 24 hour work day.


The nitty-gritty of User needs is welcome. These are constantly monitored and improvised through project stages to ensure 100% compliance of deliverables with user requirements.


On-site and offshore Warranty support by development teams stationed is assured till the installed system is stable.


Genesis Softcons (India) Private Limited consulting team focuses on addressing the growing demand for leading-edge technology to build world class software systems for its clients.

To support these demands, Genesis Softcons (India) Private Limited deputes its qualified consultants to develop an "on-site" model at Client's side, which utilize the Clients internal resources effectively to minimize overheads, related risks and investments.

Currently the company is providing such solutions to different departments of the State of Uttar Pradesh.

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