GS Roads™ EW Launched
Genesis Softcons has launched a lite version of GS Roads™ for calculating Earthwork Quantity, L Sections and Cross Sections

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GS Roads™ approved by NRRDA.
GS Roads™ a software for preparing DPR's under PMGSY has been approved by NRRDA.

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Software for Preparing Road Estimates, Rate Analysis, Bill of Quantity (BOQ), Longitudinal Section (L Section), Cross Section (X Section), Other Technical Sanction Documents/ Detailed Project Reports

GS ROADS™ is intelligent application software, specially developed to cater to the needs of Civil Contractors, Civil Engineers, Builders, Government Bodies, and Public Sector Undertakings etc, who are primarily engaged in executing Road Construction works.

GS ROADS™ covers all aspects of Execution of Road Construction Works right from Estimation, Rate Analysis, preparing L-Section and Cross Section (X-section), Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and all required formats for preparing Technical Sanction (TS) Documents or Detailed Project Reports (DPR) in a phased manner. GS ROADS™ is completely compliant with the documentary requirements of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) and the Rural Road Manual (IRC: SP 20).

GS ROADS™ can be used for all kinds of Road Construction Works like Rural Roads, Main District Roads (MDR), Other District Roads (ODR), State Highways (SH) and National Highways (NH).

GS ROADS™ employs, time tested D.S.R methodology adopted by PWD, Irrigation, Rural Engineering Departments, Municipal Corporations & other Government and semi government bodies for preparing Technical Sanction (TS) documents or Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for road construction projects. Using GS ROADS™ one can easily prepare Estimates, Rate Analysis in compliance with Ministry of Surface Transport (MOST)/ Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH), Bill of Quantity, L Section drawings and X Section drawings automatically drafted in AutoCAD by providing Survey data, Earthwork Quantities and other supporting documents considering Projects / Packages as a unit.

Salient Features

  • True 32 Bit Application
  • Available under Win95/98/NT/2000/XP platforms
  • Easy to use Menu Driven GUI front-end, true Multi-tasking
  • All reports can be exported to a number of popular formats
  • OLE integrated with MS Word, MS Excel and AutoDesk AutoCAD
  • Generates AutoCAD drawings of L Section and X Section
  • Can be deployed over LAN, WAN, Broad Band Networks, VPN etc.
  • Powerful yet highly scalable Back-end Relational database
  • Optional support for Regional Languages
  • Very Fast. Complete estimates with all documents for Technical Sanction and Administrative approvals prepared in a day or two not months.
  • The payback period for GS ROADS™ based on savings is one project.



Schedules and Masters

Project Information

Project Information

This module holds all information related to a particular project. It collects project details like Project Name, Applicable DSR/SOR, Type of Project Approach, Name of Organization and department details etc. This also contains a detailed definition of the project, wherein details like Name of District, Name of Block / Taluka, Details of population etc.

Road Information

Roads Information

This module holds all information related to different roads in a project. It collects details like Name of Road, Length of Road, No. of Readings per cross section, No. of Cross Section Readings per Km. Carriageway Camber, Formation Width Camber, Thickness of Crust etc. It also takes details of project approach i.e. whether the engineer will supply survey data from Level Book or will calculate and provide Reduced Levels.

Classification of Items

Classification of Items

Under this option, all DSR/SOR items and specifications like CPWD, PWD, MOST / MORTH Specifications are classified under different groups/chapters. This is highly useful, when the entire estimate is to split into smaller defined sub-groups. Also this facilitates easier access to all schedule items.

Schedule of Rates

District Schedule of Rates (DSR/SOR)

Here descriptive details of items contained in DSR/SOR is fed along with completed item rates, Labour rates, measure of unit, shorter descriptive details for schedule of items (for mini DSR/SOR), Reference specification to be used, additional specification for items etc. This
module can hold DSR / SOR for any number of years.

Basic Rates for Labour Material and Machinery

Schedule of Rates for Labour, Materials & Machinery (Basic Rates)

This module contains rates for various kinds of Labour, different materials used in all works and machinery used. This also contains additional information such as market/Issue rates, Payload Factor for each material that is to be transported to the site, Unit of measure etc. Payload details are particularly useful in calculating lead charges.

Rate Analysis

Rate Abstract /Skeleton details for Schedule of Items

This is where the rate analysis of each DSR/SOR item is done. The analysis is divided into three main components namely Labour, Material, and Machinery. This is the core information to estimation and costing analysis logistic. This is done only once for the entire state.


Table of Lead Charges / Quarry Chart

This is a table, which contains details of lead charges for various kilometres travelled. Lead charges for various materials are calculated with the help of this table. This module stores lead charges for unlimited number of years.


Detailed Specifications

This is the core respiratory for detailed specifications to be adopted while executing any DSR/SOR item. The complete extracts of standard specifications used by Govt. departments like PWD, Irrigation, Water Supply Boards, and Municipal Corporations are contained in this module. This contains specifications of CPWD/state PWD, MOST specifications used for Roads, Bridges, Cross-drainage works etc, NBC codes, IRC Codes etc. This module used latest technologies like DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) & OLE (Object linking and Embedding) to store and retrieve information. This module is linked to Microsoft Office.



During this phase of operation, the Engineer has to enter only the items to be executed for the project. This means minimum data-entry time. Once these parameters are given, rest is handled by GS ROADS™. A fully conversant Engineer can prepare complete estimates / Detailed Project Reports including preparing of L-Section and X-Section with all analysis within a day for a package of roads of around 50 Kms.


Record Measurements (Manuscripts from Actual Drawings)

Here an Engineer prepares manuscript from the actual drawings and feeds them into the system with respect to DSR/SOR items. The measurements can be recorded for all the groups defined earlier and filtered according to the user needs. The field provided for recording measurement has in-built Engineering functions support.


Prepare Rate Analysis Document for project

The Rate Analysis of all the DSR/SOR items in the project will automatically be compiled in an Excel file in a completely printable format. The output file being in Excel file.


Prepare Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

Bill of quantity is generated in desired output format, which is an abstract of Recorded Measurements. Amount that is to be specified in words is automatically generated by Road Master.



Earthwork Data Sheet

Supply Survey Data (For Earthwork Calculation)

Input data for preparing L Section and X Section drawings is either Raw Survey Data also called as Level Book or calculated Reduced Levels. GS ROADS™ has easy to use data entry modules for entering Survey data. Apart from this we can import data from Excel files. To standardize the data entry, GS ROADS™ generates project specific data entry templates.

Cross Section

Prepare L Section and X Section Drawings

GS ROADS™ uses the above supplied data to prepare L Section and X Section drawings in AutoCAD. The formation level of the road can be plotted using the graphical plotting tool available in the software. Once the formation level is decided, the other earthwork quantity is automatically calculated.


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