GS Roads™ EW Launched
Genesis Softcons has launched a lite version of GS Roads™ for calculating Earthwork Quantity, L Sections and Cross Sections

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GS Roads™ approved by NRRDA.
GS Roads™ a software for preparing DPR's under PMGSY has been approved by NRRDA.

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To cater to IT enabling of Government departments and Online Management and Monitoring, we have developed software GS ROADS™ and GS CORENET. Doing so has reduced the Turn Over Time for specific processes (Estimation and Planing for Roads) considerably.


GS ROADS™ is intelligent application software, specially developed to cater to the needs of Civil Contractors, Civil Engineers, Builders, Government Bodies, and Public Sector Undertakings etc, who are primarily engaged in executing Road Construction works.

GS ROADS™ covers all aspects of Execution of Road Construction Works right from Estimation, Rate Analysis, preparing L-Section and Cross Section (X-section), Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and all required formats for preparing Technical Sanction (TS) Documents or Detailed Project Reports (DPR) in a phased manner. GS ROADS™ is completely compliant with the documentary requirements of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) and the Rural Road Manual (IRC: SP 20).

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GS ROADS EW™ is a software tool to generate Longitudinal, Cross Section Drawings and Quantity Reports for Earth filling/cutting in the construction of Roads. It simplifies the process of entering survey data, plotting of proposed road level, calculation of filling / cutting volume required to level the ground and generation of reports based on the data.

This data can be used along with GS Roads™ Estimate to generate cost estimation reports for a complete package of roads.

Download GS Roads EW™ Help File

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GS CORENET is a simple, yet powerful tool for design and analysis of statistical data of Core Network as required by the PMGSY Scheme.

GS CORENET takes inventory of habitations (Format-I), Inventory of Roads (Format-II), Inventory of Primary Road Network (Format-III) as the basic input and automatically prepares list of habitations with no-connectivity / multiple connectivity. This greatly reduces the time and efforts required by the departmental personnel to design and analyse the Core Network.

GS CORENET also prepares automatically all statutory schedules required by the PMGSY such as MP-I, MP-III, CN-I, CN-II, CN-III, CN-IV, CN-V, CN-VI, CNCPL, CUPL etc for each Block (Taluka) / District.

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